Jeff Eccles

Jeff Eccles


Welcome my name is Jeff and I own and operate Flo~ssage Float Center here at the Northwest corner of Briar Forest & Dairy Ashford, 77077. I have TWO Sensory Deprivation Float tanks, often referred to as Salt Float or Float Therapy. It’s an amazing avenue to help you delete the massive amount of data our brains collect, most of which is trash. If you’re not sleeping well, anxious or suffer from anxiety. Flotation Therapy is a perfect tool to help you reset your body mind and Soul! I have unlimited memberships starting at only $119.50.

I recently acquired the licensing agreement with BrainTap Technologies. It’s an amazing life changing therapy you can try here and buy here. Dr Porter has more than 700 guided imagery / Meditation tracks that will help you be a BETTER YOU! I Can sell you the headset or you can do your sessions here. Either way if you’re looking for REAL change in your life BrainTap is a beautiful tool to help you lose some weight, quit smoking drop bad habits.

We live in an ALPHA world folks and it’s simply not necessary. You leave your home you lock it, You park you car your lock it. You watch television and the drug companies easily convince you that they have A PILL FOR THAT! it’s borderline disgusting how we allow simple technology to program how we think without ever knowing. BREAK the cycle and try a holistic approach to complement your lifestyle.

Here at Flo~ssage it is my mission to help you improve. I thank you for visiting my site and encourage you to check out my Facebook page for daily deals & specials.

Last minute & walk ins always welcome! or Call 281.496.0909

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